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"Révélez le Manager qui est en vous !"

Les outils du développement personnel pour manager (Personal development tools for managers)

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Awakening the manager in you !

Manage with colours, which is what Patrice Fabart has been recommending since 2002.

Patrice FABART has been a consultant for more than 15 years after serving commercial and managerial functions in different major groups. He is head Director of ARC-EN-CIEL RH corporation, an exclusive distributor of the AEC disc® method that he created and developed.

This method refers to the source of the DISC system, recognized and distributed worldwide for over thirty years, and to the work of Carl Jung on psychological types in conjunction with a research on behaviours associated with colours. It also incorporates the work of Edward SPRANGER on motivation and offers an articulation with other methods.

Les outils de développement personnel pour managerThe AEC DISC® Colour Method® offers all business professionals an original four-step model that trains people in their duties for optimum efficiency. His book is published by editions ems and is available in all major french bookstores or online. Visit the éditions ems website

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November 8th & 9th, 2018

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