Examples of AEC disc® International Profiles

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AEC disc® questionnaries are available in :

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AEC disc® Profiles are available in :

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The AEC disc® Profiles

The AEC DISC® Method is based on the AEC DISC® profile (profil Arc En Ciel DISC in France).

This is a document made on computer using a simple questionnaire that takes no more than fifteen minutes to complete. It is based on the original DISC questionnaire of the Cleaver Company. This company created and distributed millions of copies around the world for over 30 years.

The answers to the questionnaire can be used to highlight the basis "natural style" of the subject, regardless of its environment and its "adapted style" to the environment. These two styles provide a better understanding of the dynamics of a person in relation to its environment.

Sales and/or Management options can be added to the Profile. A job analysis questionnaire also allows you to represent a role and analyze the fit between it and person who fills it.

By the accuracy of its analysis, the AEC disc® profile is a strong management tool for oneself, others and certain situations :

  • Introduction
  • Presentation of the Colours
  • Synthesis of your graphs
  • Talents for the company
  • Optimal environment
  • Your Values associated with the Colours
  • Your general characteristics
  • Your opposite
  • Your specific characteristics
  • Perceptions
  • The Do’s to better interact with you
  • The Don’ts to better interact with you
  • Keys to motivating
  • Keys to managing
  • Your areas for improvement
  • Indicators
  • Your Charts
  • Comparison Natural - Adapted Styles
  • Your Styles on the AEC disc® Wheel
  • Your Position on the Wheel
  • The Values which moderate the Colours
  • Your Values : your general characteristics
  • Your Values : your specific characteristics
  • Your Values

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Positioning on the AEC disc® Wheel

This is the representation of a matrix that shows thousands of different profiles. It is a simple and effective model that allows you to visualize an individual, team or function, and identifies 68 positions on a scale of depth that nuances each one, optimizing the balance between them and the person, team or function.

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The AEC disc® Certification

Why certify ?

  • To obtain tools and methods for improved performance
  • To obtain a method for training in communication, sales, management and team synergy...