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Arc-en-Ciel RH is the exclusive distributor of the AEC DISC©® Method in France.

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Registered11 75 39777 75 with the Prefecture of Ile de France

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For any inquiries regarding our Method or training programs, feel free to contact Patrice FABART via email at or by phone at +336 11 98 49 40.

Patrice Fabart créateur de la Méthode des Couleurs AEC DISC

Patrice FABART - Director & Manager Partner

  • Economics Education (Paris-Assas University)
  • 3rd Cycle Human Resources (Paris-Dauphine University)
  • 15 years of commercial and managerial experience in IT groups (Xerox, Nixdorf, Digital)
  • 6 years of training and consulting experience (CNOF-IFG)
  • Importer-distributor in France from 1997 to 2004 of the Insights Method (divided into Success Insights and Insights Discovery)
  • Founder-Director Metanoia-Training Company from 2003 to 2011
  • Director of JL Consultants, exclusive leader of the Chamming’s Method
  • From 2004 to today, founder-director of Arc-en-Ciel RH, the exclusive distributor of the original AEC DISC©® Method, created in partnership with Cleaver Company
  • Author of the book “Bring out the Manager in you! “(“Révelez le manager qui es ten vous !”, Editions EMS – Management and Society, Practical Collection of Companies – 2nd edition 2009)
  • Phase 2 Instructor of AEC DISC©® Certification and Specific Application Management Interactive©®
Hélène Godel, Responsable du Réseau – Associée Arc En Ciel RH, Méthode AEC DISC

Hélène GODEL - Network Manager – Partner

  • Hypokhâgne (Lycée Descartes Tours)
  • Bachelor’s degree in English (University François Rabelais Tours)
  • CPSS Trudaine (Novancia CCIP): Executive Assistant Training
  • Executive Assistant for the distribution of the Insights Method (divided into Success Insights and Insights Discovery) from 1998 to 2004
  • Head of the Network of Accredited Consultants, Coaches, and Trainers for AEC DISC since 2005

If you are Accredited Arc En Ciel DISC©® and need information and advice, you are welcome to contact me by phone at 01 55 95 84 84.

Thierry OLIVIER, responsable succès clients Arc En Ciel RH méthode AEC DISC

Alain DOLBEAU - Partner

  • Development Engineer, 4 years
  • Consultant Engineer in Automated Testing, 12 years
  • Director of an American subsidiary manufacturing automated testers and industrial lasers, 9 years
  • Training internships in 1994: Pedagogical internships in animation and management of relationships in companies (including PNL, AT, DISC methods)
  • Senior Consultant and Importer-Distributor in France from 1994 to 2004 for the Insights Method (divided into Success Insights and Insights Discovery)
  • Senior Associate Consultant at Arc en Ciel RH since 2004
Véronique Marlard, assistante Arc En Ciel RH certificateur méthode AEC DISC

Laurence GIROUD - Trainer

  • Master 2 in Corporate Finance (University Paris-Assas)
  • Executive Coach (HEC 2013)
  • Change Master (Essec 2019)
  • 20 years at Carrefour in various roles:
    – Pricing, Commercial Management Manager, Offer Marketing Director,
    – HR Director in a BUDRH of HR Development and Shared Services of the Headquarters
  • Corporate HR Manager at Bel
  • Trainer, facilitator, coach, and HR missions since 2014
  • Trainer for Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the Arc En Ciel DISC Accreditation and applications in Sales, Team Synergy, and HR
  • Corrector of the Arc en Ciel Disc® exam
Christian Maçon, formateur Arc En Ciel RH , certificateur méthode AEC DISC

Christian MAÇON - Trainer

  • ESC Montpellier
  • MBTI Certified
  • Consultant Trainer and facilitator since 1999: design and delivery of inter and intra-company training programs in the behavioral domain (management, sales, negotiation, time management, personal development, team building, problem-solving workshops, etc.)
  • Trainer for Phase 1 of the Arc En Ciel DISC Accreditation
Thierry OLIVIER, responsable succès clients Arc En Ciel RH méthode AEC DISC

Thierry OLIVIER - Customer Success Manager

  • Customer Success Manager at Arc En Ciel RH
  • Certified Consultant-Trainer by Success Insights (2002) and AEC DISC (2006)
  • Certified consultant in Emotional Intelligence EQi (2019)
  • Founder of the consulting and training firm Adonnante Développement (2002) – Qualiopi Certification (2020)
  • Accredited Consultant CAPEA with CMAR Pays de la Loire
  • Marketing and Commercial Management in a business services group (5 years)
  • Product and Marketing Management in an international medical laboratory (5 years)
  • Medical equipment sales engineer (2 years)
  • London Business School – MBA Program 25
  • Doctorate in Pharmaceutical Sciences – Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences Paris-Sud
Véronique Marlard, assistante Arc En Ciel RH certificateur méthode AEC DISC

Véronique MARLARD - Assistant

  • BTS Business Support for SMEs

I work with Hélène and contribute to the management and optimization of the AEC DISC platform.

I maintain the connection with our IT service provider who assists us in the development of all the enhancements we offer to provide the network of Accredited AEC DISC Consultants with a tool that is increasingly efficient, scalable, and of high quality.

Marie Bergier assistante ArcEnCiel RH, Certificateur Méthode AEC DISC

Marie BERGIER - Assistant

  • BTS Executive Assistant

    I work with Hélène and assist her in the administrative and accounting management of the office.
    I also prepare documents, rooms, and kits for our training sessions (Accreditations, Applications, and Workshops).


    The AEC DISC©® Method is represented and distributed at the international level by our Master Network of distributors : in Africa (Côte d’Ivoire, Benin, Togo, Senegal), in Germany, in Belgium, in Canada, and in the Greater Maghreb.

    See the German website
    See the Belgian website
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    See the Moroccan website

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    Arc-en-Ciel RH


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    Phase 1 : February 1st and 2nd, 2024
    Phase 2 : February 26th and 27th, 2024

    9am to 6pm
    19 rue Diderot, 92130 Issy les Moulineaux

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