The AEC DISC©® Method

The original AEC DISC©® Method is a unique behavioral skills analysis tool

The AEC DISC©® Method : What is it ?


The original AEC DISC©® Method is recognized for being both innovative and directly operational. This coherent method constitutes a solid and lasting integration while promoting a playful assimilation.

This is a simple and effective model which helps to visualize and understand an individual, a team or a profession.

The original AEC DISC©® Method is known and recognized for its added value in improving the performances of an individual, a team or a company.

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The original AEC DISC©® Method offers all business professionals a four-step model to improve people’s efficiency in their job.
1- Get a better knowledge of one’s strengths and weaknesses, as an individual and as a professional.
2- Learn to relax and progress, while respecting one’s own personal limits.
3- Get a better knowledge of one’s colleagues, co-workers or managers’ strengths and weaknesses, as individuals and professionals.
4- Learn how to integrate and take a situation into account.


A unique Method

The AEC DISC©® Method is the only method on the market to combine Carl JUNG’s Psychological Types, William MARSTON’s DISC theory, and Eduard Spranger’s works on WorkPlace Motivators, associating behavioral studies to colors.

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The original color Method 

This approach is based on the AEC DISC©® Profile, based on the original DISC survey from  Cleaver company’s, created and distributed in millions of copies around the world for more than 60 years.


An operational Method 

The AEC DISC©® Method is fully operational in many ways :

– Allowing each group member to contribute to the success of the projects he/she is working on
– Identifying differences and complementarities between co-workers
– Validating the qualities required to complete a team project successfully

– Integrating a team’s blocking and motivating factors when confronted with change
– Communicating efficiently so that every member of the team understands and adapts to change


– Understanding what causes and triggers stress
– Acting concretely to find comfort, as well as a good capacity for decision and action
– Knowing how to express your stress: from the feeling to the factual explanation of the stressors with one’s manager
– Helping every team member to maintain a quality work life and to implement a project on a daily basis

– Getting a better knowledge of one’s strengths, weaknesses and limits
– Learning how to get some distance with work situations and to ask oneself the right questions to guide one’s work



– Learning to identify potential sources of conflicts and how to avoid them
– Acting on the quality of relations between employees and co-workers
– Strengthening the links between various departments of a same company, and facilitating the consideration of reciprocal needs
– Developing one’s leadership and management skills 

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– Strengthening the quality of relations between sales staff and customers or prospects
– Improving the commercial speech to be more convincing, make a difference and eventually sell more
– Learning how to prepare trade negotiations and adapt one’s offer according to one’s interlocutor

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– Defining objectively the skills needed to hire the right candidate for the right position
– Conducting a job interview and learning to decrypt a candidate’s answers
– Involving the manager(s) of the future employee in the recruitment process
– Introducing the company, making the candidates want to join the company
– Establishing contact between a candidate and his/her manager




Emotional Intelligence  

AEC RH works in partnership with the Emotional Intelligence Center which distributes the EQ-i Profile.

This method has been developed by the Psychologist and Scientist DR. Reuven Bar-On since 1997. It represents seventeen years of research and it is the most used and recognized profile in the world (over 3 million different profiles).




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