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« Awakening the manager in you !», Patrice FABART

About the author of “Awakening the manager in you !” Patrice FABART has been a consultant for more than 25 years now. Previously, he worked as a sales representative and a manager in several big companies and groups. He is the director and founder of Arc-en-Ciel RH, the exclusive distributor of the AEC DISC©® Method.

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Progress in your job thanks to “Awakening the manager in you ! 
This book is the result of 30 years of working experience. The AEC DISC©® Method offers a reflection that leads to personalized action here and now. It concerns not only the people who hold a high place in the hierarchy – in order to improve their management – but also anyone wishing to understand themselves better and to thrive in their professional and personal life.
After all, aren’t we the managers of our own lives ?

The AEC DISC©® Method offers to all business professionals a 4-step original model to develop their skills in their job and improve their efficiency. “ Awakening the manager in you ! ” (« Révélez le Manager qui est en vous ! »), published by EMS editions, is available in all major bookstores or on the website of EMS editions. You can also download the eBook.
The book is also downloadable in eBook format.

Livre les outils pour manager

“The tools of personal development applied to management”
This book describes 45 tools, methods and models of personal development. For each tool, model or method, you will fin a description and expert advice.



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