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The world is changing… and so is the Management

The management today The evolution of the economic, cultural, technological and social environment of companies, as well as the increasing level of training and information of its members considerably changes the exercise of the authority -which can no longer be...

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Adapt while remaining yourself

“Give me patience, to reconcile with what I am not able to change Give me strength to change what I can And give me wisdom to distinguish one from another.” Marcus Aurelius This sentence applies to us not only personally and internally, but also externally: Change...

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Greek Sources of the original AEC DISC©® Method

The DISC©® Method did not invent anything. It rather rediscovered what the Greek philosophers had discovered in the 5thcentury BC, crossing the four elements of Empedocles as well as the four moods of Hippocrates and the four temperaments corresponding to them, with...

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The Art of the Original AEC DISC©® Method

We asked a Greek philosopher, I do not remember which one, where his serenity came from. He replied: "Every morning, when I get up, I know that I am going to meet a humble person, a proud person, a kind person, an aggressive person etc ... and when I meet them during...

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Key Points about Human Behavior

"No experimental methodology has ever succeeded and will never succeed in returning the essence of the soul, nor even in giving a sufficiently faithful representation of its complex manifestations.” (Jung) This warning concerning, among others, the original AEC DISC©®...

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Press release Patrice Fabart

Founder and President of Insights Distribution, which has been distributing the Success Insights method since 1997, I dissociated myself from them in December 2004. I created and developed the original AEC DISC© Colors Method and the "Arc en Ciel RH" company. The AEC...

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