We asked a Greek philosopher, I do not remember which one, where his serenity came from.

He replied: “Every morning, when I get up, I know that I am going to meet a humble person, a proud person, a kind person, an aggressive person etc … and when I meet them during the day, I welcome them like:” Hello, here you are. “

This is exactly the state of mind necessary to return effectively an AEC DISC©® Profile, in which there is no good or bad color, good or bad value, whether they are above or below the 50% mark. Every profile has its own dynamic and everyone always does the best they can, as they are at a given moment.

Therefore, the restitution of an AEC DISC©® Profile really helps personal development, because it implies that that we reconcile ourselves internally with each of these four colors and these six values, whether they are above or below the 50% mark, to be able to recognize, accept and value them in others.

It is only from this recognition, acceptance and valorization that we can envisage an improvement if the need arises.